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Ocean State Cardiovascular & Vein Center in Lincoln, RI

Ibrahim Elgabry, MD, FACC

Director of the cardiac rehabilitation program at Landmark Medical Center, executive counsel of the Rhode Island chapter of the American College of Cardiology, and a clinical instructor at Brown University, Warren Alpert Medical School, Ibrahim Elgabry has a special interest in cryptogenic stroke, heart failure, arrythmias, and cardiovascular disease prevention through advanced lipid management and a closely supervised dietary weight loss program. In an effort to reduce costly healthcare transportation and hospital admissions, Dr. Elgabry has also pioneered the startup of inhouse cardiology services to nursing homes across the state. Dr. Elgabry’s practice offers the latest in cardiac monitoring services available in New England. These services include ICD and pacemaker monitoring, as well as trans-telephonic pacemaker analysis. Most recently, Dr. Elgabry has begun implanting Loop recorders in the ambulatory office setting.

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