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Vascular Testing

Vascular testing is an important area we dedicate time and resources to at Ocean State Cardiovascular & Vein. Vascular tests and studies are performed with a mind to check and understand the blood flow in your veins. These tests are noninvasive; instead, they are executed by using high-frequency sound waves that measure how much blood is flowing within your veins and arteries.

Some of the benefits that come with vascular testing include:

  • Confirming whether you are actually experiencing a decrease in blood flow to the extremities
  • Help diagnose the problem at hand
  • Determining the proper course of action if an issue is present

Ocean State Cardiovascular & Vein offers four different types of vascular tests:

  • Comprehensive vascular and venous clinical evaluation
  • Venous duplex U/S
  • Pulse volume recordings/ankle-brachial index
  • Arterial duplex U/S examination

If you believe you could benefit from testing or arteries and veins, or if you want to prevent potential issues from developing and learn more about how you can do so, please call Ocean State Cardiovascular & Vein Center at 401-597-6500. As the first fully-accredited vein center in New England, our team is certifiably proven to fit all of your cardiac and venous needs.

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